Don’t fall for this new scam that tries to get your FNB banking details

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Don’t fall for this new scam that tries to get your FNB banking details

FNB is warning its customers to look out for a new scam that tries to fool clients into giving their banking details and passwords to avoid having their accounts closed.

According to FNB, it is just one of many similar scams, and it has reminded clients that it will never ask for your username, password or PIN in an email, SMS or phone call.

The new scam starts with clients receiving an email informing them that a process has been started by the bank’s Security Team following a request to the bank to close your FNB Online Banking account.

You will also be informed that your account and card will be restricted and your online banking blocked after 24hrs of receipt of the email.

You will be prompted to follow a link, should the cancellation request not be from you:
Next, you will need to select another link to unlock a PDF document with instructions.


This link will redirect you to a fraudulent page mimicking the bank’s website.

Next, you will be presented with a screen requesting your personal information so that the fraudsters can access your banking profile.

Meanwhile, you will be informed that the OTP you entered was incorrect and that another one will be sent to your cellphone. This is an attempt to keep you busy while the fraudsters access your banking profile.

The bank warned customers to be cautious regarding their online banking information, and to never select a link to its website that was sent via email.


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