Excel Tricks that will let you stand out from the crowd – Part Five

So today I am going to introduce you to ARRAYS.

AD: Three Week Diet!!

There are many different operations that can be performed on arrays or matrices, but they are slightly more complex than the standard formulas, as they require answers to appear in more than one cell.


So using the above table, we can multiply the two matrices using the MMULT() function. Select the box where you want the answers to reflect, and type MMULT(Array1,Array2). Then, in order for the Array function to apply, you need to press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER (COMMAND-SHIFT-ENTER on a Mac). Just hitting ENTER will not work.




And that’s it! You get your results for the array!

Notice the curly brackets in the formula? That shows that it’s part of an array.


Just always make sure to press CTRL-ALT-ENTER to get your result. All array and MMULT functions require this.


Thanks to Business Insider for the great lesson!


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