See what Microsoft knows about you

Microsoft has launched an online dashboard which allows users to see and control their activity data.

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Going forward, users will be able to have a look at the history of where they have been (location), search history and browsing history. You will also be able to see where your Microsoft account has been used.

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This is Microsoft’s first step towards giving users visibility and control over their data – with more options and data categories expected in the future.

To access the privacy dashboard and view your history, visit your account’s privacy overview.

Below is a breakdown of the privacy dashboard categories:

  • Browse: Turning browsing history on in Cortana means your Microsoft Edge browser history is sent to Microsoft.
  • Search: Your Bing and Cortana search history is listed.
  • Location: Various location activity is stored, as well as the last known location of your Windows devices.
  • Cortana’s Notebook: If you allow Cortana to log your interests, preferences, and recommendations, that information is stored.

AD: WordPress Site analytics. See what your visitors do on your site

Microsoft plans to simplify its privacy settings in the Windows 10 Creators Update, offering only Basic and Full diagnostic options – while still allowing users to turn off settings such as location tracking and advertising.

Source: MyBroadband

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