Windows 10 Will Automatically Free Up Disk Space

Microsoft is testing a new feature for Windows 10 that will automatically free up disk space for its users. The feature is available on the latest Windows 10 Insider Build and is expected to be rolled out to the public as part of the upcoming Creators Update.

Image result for windows 10

When a PCs disk space is low, the new feature lets Windows 10 automatically remove files that are no longer needed. According to notes by Microsoft:

“Currently we support this for unused temporary files and items that have been in your recycle bin for 30 days.”

The option is off by default but you can switch it on by accessing System > Storage Setting. You can customise what files you want to automatically clean up. There’s also a way to manually activate the clean-up function on this settings page.

The feature is available now on Windows 10 Insider Build 15014. Members of the Windows Insider program will be able to access this build. For the rest of us, expect to see the new storage feature in the Creators Update in April..

Thanks to LifeHacker for the info!

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