Be safe on public WiFi

We all use it from time to time. Public wifi in a coffee shop, at the airport, or even at a hotel. And it’s good. But you need to be more careful when using a public WiFi hotspot.

Here are some tips to help you keep safe.

  1. While it’s perfectly OK to stream music, check your mail, or catch up on the news, it best to not do your banking over public WiFi.
  2. Try to connect to a network that uses a password for access, as opposed to one that just lets you in. At the airport, for example, connect to a coffee shop, where you are given a pass code rather than the free airport WiFi.
  3. If you are using your laptop, make sure that you turn off file sharing.
  4. When you are done, make sure to turn your devices WiFi off. This will keep your device safe, and also save a bit of battery life.
  5. Keep your anti-virus up to date. With all the new viruses coming out quicker than ever, make sure to update you anti virus package and definitions on a regular basis.



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